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The Eleventh Victim

by Nancy Grace
# Publisher: Hyperion
# Pub. Date: August 2009
# $25.99 List price
# $16.89 Online price(Save 35%)
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When her fiancé is senselessly murdered only a few weeks before their wedding, young Hailey Dean turns to the law to fight back in the only way she knows how.

Years later, Hailey is a tremendously successful criminal prosecutor in Georgia, well-known for never losing a case. No one gets away with murder on her watch. But the years of trials and the endless parade of victims silently looking out at her from crime scene photos and autopsy tables begin to take their toll on her. And then eleven prostitutes are murdered one by one in the back alleys of Atlanta.

A conviction is made-but Hailey knows it will be her last. Still grief-stricken and disillusioned with her profession, Hailey decides to leave Georgia for New York City; she hopes the change of pace and surroundings will finally let her find peace.

Transplanted to a lively, vibrant city where she has no ties and no painful reminders, Hailey embarks on a new career as a therapist. But just when she's beginning to feel settled in her new life, another tidal wave of turmoil engulfs her: Her patients are dying, brutally murdered in the same way as the eleven women in Atlanta. Clearly, Hailey hasn't left her past behind after all-and unless she returns to her true calling and solves the case, still more innocent people will die. Unless the killer gets to her first . . .

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